The Satellite man commeth

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 Posted by Mark on Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Monday – Today we have set aside for the installation of our Tooway Satellite Internet connection which should give us 20M down and 6 M up of bandwidth, which will be nice. Darren Brown from Islesat is the chap who is the local supplier and he arrived at 9 ready to install away. Darren is another immigrant of eight years and has a keen sense of humour. We got on very well and the whole process was completed in remarkably short time. The service is currently data capped at 10G of data a month although of course we can have more simply by paying more !

It works extremely well with only about a half second of lag which is something you have to get used to with Satellite systems. This means that when you are browsing and you click a link there is a pause before the page appears which gives the appearance of a slow connection, but then the page comes in very quickly once the connection is established. We are having a couple of technical issue with our VOIP phones and VPN over this, but we did expect this and so as we are in the middle of running the big Children in Need Simultaneous event we are using a ‘fall back’ connection of 1M over a normal phone line provided by the hardworking Richard Palmer of Merula

All the posting out of information packs for this and our other events is being done by Vickie and Mark at our new distribution depot at the ‘Engine Shed’ in Beccles, it seems that we can’t quite give up the railway connection in this family : ) They are doing an excellent job and have really risen to the task, learning all the new stuff that is needed.

The previous evening, we had a small disaster, the internal aerial for the TV was not up to the job of receiving the new series of Masterchef ! So I asked Darren if he does TV aerials as well which of course he did but would have to come back in a couple of days as it was quite late now and storms were expected tomorrow. He did confide with me that in his opinion it wasn’t worth spending money to view that program ! I told him to tell Anna that, but he chickened out !




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