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 Posted by Mark on Thursday, 22 October 2015


We have access!
Anna in her new kitchen
Do you think there are enough wires?
Awaiting harling ( and Peter )

Today there was a momentous event at Mill Cottage, the door between the old building and the new extension, was re-opened! This had been screwed shut and blocked off to stop the huge amounts of dust that was generated when the concrete floors were pulled up and the walls had holes cut in them!

So now we can once again walk into the extension without going outside. This is a particular treat today as we are currently experiencing the first storm of the winter here. Whilst some parts of Scotland are experiencing 80+ mph winds we have not had much over 40 mph at Mill Cottage. But this along with the horizontal rain makes it rather unpleasant going outside. If fact Peter was due to come and start putting the harling on the outside of the extensive but decided against this, although we thought he could just stand in the garage doorway and throw the harling out and the wind would have done the rest !

Despite the appalling weather I still saw a Hen Harrier hunting at the bottom of the garden today, that and the sideways flying starlings made for some entertainment as we all tucked into one of Anna’s home baked cakes at elevenses . Yesterday when we had quite a number on site, Dwayne and Graham turned up to check on progress and see when they would be needed next. They managed to time this to just when the freshly baked Victoria sponge was brought through by Anna. I have never seen a whole sponge disappear so quickly!




Thanks for sharing