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Posted by Mark on Thursday, 24 September 2015


The hardest material known to man ?
Anna puts her trust in acro props!
The new view from the kitchen

I’m writing this at 8 am on Thursday having got up at 5am to run Anna to Kirkwall airport to start her journey to the World Bridge Championships in Chennai in India. I hope all her connection flights go smoothly and I am already counting the days when she will be back in about two and a half weeks’ time.

A lot has been happening on site, but not at the rate everyone would have liked. The walls of the new extension are up and the roof is on. This all happened in a couple of days. Now there is the more fiddly bit of sorting out the fibreglass and lead valleys. Cutting the tiles to fit is a slow job particularly that up here the tiles are not just laid on the battens but each one is twin nailed and clipped, that is one of the reasons that the roofs her can withstand a 140 mph wind! All this work is progressing well, what has slowed things up is the supposedly simple job of cutting a window into the existing living room wall.

In theory all that is needed is the roof to be supported by acro props and then the hole for the window is cut using a diamond tipped stone cutting wheel. The cuts have to be made from both sides as the cutting depth of the saw is such that it will not do it in one. In fact as it turned out, with the rendering the two cuts were short of each other by about an inch. This should not have been an issue as a bit of work with a power chisel would soon have the blocks out.

This would have been the case if the wall blocks had not been made of rough diamonds welded together with kryptonite! The guys here could not believe how hard the wall was, it took Peter with some help from Ross at times the best part of three full days to knock the hole through, it should have taken half a day!

In the end only one sledge hammer and Pete’s sense of humour were harmed in the creation of this window!

Yesterday and today Pete is putting in the new lintel and the window ledge whilst Ross is having “a day on the tiles! “ Part of the dividing wall between the kitchen and the Living area is due to come down today as well I shall let you know of the progress of this!

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