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 Posted by Mark on Monday, 21 September 2015

Ross looking pleased at the progress

Brian wiring whilst the roof goes up

Saturday was a hive of activity, Ross and Graham turned up with the roof trusses which had been made by Ross to the drawings supplied by our structural engineer. The final assembly of these was done on site as they would have been too big to be transported in the trailer. Once assembled it was just a simple job to lift them up on to the top of the walls, raise them up and fix in place. I can say ‘simple’ as I was not doing it! The trusses were very heavy but by the afternoon they were all in place and the boarding started.

In the meantime Brian the electrician was busy below driving holes all over the nice new walls that Ross has fitted yesterday. The wiring is quite complicated in places but Brian doesn’t seem to be too fazed by my sheets of A4 with hand drawn diagrams, or at least that is what he tells me, what he says behind my back I don’t know!! : )

It is quite tricky deciding where everything thing goes and what cables are needed where,  when the rooms barely exist but I feel we are getting there.

Ross and Graham worked like Trojans so that the place would be watertight, just in case the weather changed. In general the weather has been kind to us although it was threatening a down pour at one stage today and the guys were getting a little concerned but in the end it turn out just to be a shower in a storm’s clothing!

We now have a large bright blue extension. Blue being the colour of the waterproof breathable membrane that has been applied. Next week the outside block work will start to go up along with the tiles and the large windows in the living room will be cut in the existing wall which will be quite exciting!


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