The Walls go up

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Posted by Mark Newton on Friday, 18 September 2015


View from new office
Anna enters the office
Mark knocking to be let in!

Just a short post so that you all can see the walls that have gone up. These walls are for the new office and the master bedroom. Today (Friday ) the scaffolding has gone up in readiness of the roof going on and Brian the electrician is working hard to get all the wiring in place before he goes away on holiday next week so that the plasterboard can be put in place at the tape and filling can be done. Everyone has allowed for working this weekend so that the jobs can get done before Brian goes away, this has been caused by the delay that our original decorators caused. It is incredible how just one delay can set everything back and throw everybody’s schedules out!

More photos are on my Flickr account as usual.




Thanks for sharing