Storm-0 v Us-1

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Well that is the biggest storm so far here for us. Winds topped 85mph according to our little weather station , which I was surprised was still there after last night!

Although the wind created quite a bit of noise we both managed to get a decent nights sleep, it is quite reassuring being in a 150 + year old house that you know has survived worse and has walls some two foot thick stone. To cut down on some of the heat loss, I blocked the hole we made in the sitting room with a towel ( see photo ) as the wind was howling through, and after the storm, as we couldn’t see out of the salt stained windows Anna decided to clean at least the office ones.

Today we had the plumber visit to replace a set of ‘O’ rings on the shower which because of the way the shower had been installed, this ‘5 minute’ job turned out to be an afternoons work! Still at least it is done now and the shower is much easier to use.

We also had a visit from Billy Groundwater of Orkney Surveying Services who came to survey Mill Cottage for an energy report so we can decide on the insulation and heating systems we need and also to provide the information we need to apply for the grants that may be available. It was a very worthwhile meeting and we discussed all sorts of options it has really helped us to get nearer a decision.

Tonight we have been invited out for drinkies in Stromness which will be lovely, the wind has died down to 13 mph and the temperature is about 7C so we shouldn’t get too blown about getting there as we have to walk to get to their house. coming home might be a different story as another storm is predicted but probably for Saturday.

Thanks for sharing